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She shows sadness when Hat marries and leaves. Consider the essential elements of this genre and discuss the ways that the novel operates within it, providing textual evidence of where it is functioning within the expectations of the genre and where it might subvert or even parody the epic.

As we mature we become more and more selective about who or what group we choose to belong to. Other examples of archaic slang: Create a shared space for the class where students can contribute ideas as they read the novel.

Why Is Tim Winton’s Novel, Cloudstreet Worthy of Critical Study? Essay Paper

Some themes that could be explored are: Winton explores themes surrounding family, relationships and love whilst at the same time giving readers a glimpse into the many picturesque backdrops of Western Australia. It is with the function of genre, mode and narrative method, rather than plot or character, that this essay is concerned.

They embraced him in their scaly way and he heard their mouths open and close. There is no real division between life and death, or the past and present. Neither of them truly belongs in Arizona.

Cloudstreet Quotes

These models are deeply troubled by a cross current of problematic, marginalised maternity and desirable, yet troubling, female generativity. The healing of his selves promises wholeness and narrative knowledge, as well as proper masculinity.

The Hogarth Press,vol. In this instance, full identity is equated with manhood and masculinity and with male authorship. He takes this to mean that people get more pleasure from the happiness of others than from their own solipsistic happiness.

Tim Winton weaves the threads of lifetimes, of twenty years of shouting and fighting, laughing and grafting, into a story about acceptance and belonging. One of the strongest generative forces in Cloudstreet is the desire to return, in one form or another, to an originary wholeness, or point of synthesis and integration.

All subsequent references are to this edition, included parenthetically in the text of the article. And I thought we'd looked like reffoes. As noted by director Gregory Jones, it delves into the themes of “spirituality, inclusion, community and a sense of belonging.” Cloudstreet hits particularly close to home, proving to be one of the most successful works of Western Australian drama.


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These essay questions are from past HSC papers or assessment tasks at other schools. You could also make up your own questions by finding an interesting quote about belonging and adding the words "Discuss" or "Do you agree". Cloudstreet Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and more.

McGloin, C. (). Tim Winton: Critical Essays, edited by Lyn McCredden and Nathanael O'Reilly. Journal concept of Heimat (18), the sense of home/belonging, to provide a basis for understanding the theme of water in Winton’s works.

Cloudstreet as a haunting of the production of the Australian nation. Griffiths’s reading of. The speaker rejects belonging to Warsaw, to the past, or to the traditions that follow destruction and exile).

His contemplation over his confusion shows that he was lost and felt "nothingness" inside, which in turn causes us to feel he is hollow and void of emotion.

Cloudstreet belonging
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